Terms and Conditions

These T&C’s make up the agreement between you, the seller, and Suziehallathome (the Company.) Please read carefully as they affect your rights under the law. These T&C’s may be updated from time to time without notice. If you have any questions relating to the T&C’s please contact Suziehallathome on 01494 724689.


AUCTION – refers to the auction of property in accordance with ebays current T&C’s

AUCTION COST – refers to the fees charged by eBay and paypal

AUCTION LISTING – refers to the listing of property on ebays website

BUYER – refers to the highest bidder for the property (subject to the minimum price set)

MINIMUM PRICE – refers to the minimum price as agreed between the company and the seller before the start of the auction.

PROPERTY – those items owned by the seller and being sold by auction

PURCHASE MONEY – money received by the Company from the Buyer as cleared funds

RETURNS for whatever reason any property that is returned to the Company or the Seller after purchase money has been received.

RETURN PERIOD – 30 days following receipt of purchase money.

SELLER the person instructing the Company to sell his/her property on ebay


Subject to these T&C’s the Company will act as an agent on behalf of the Seller, to offer property via auction on the ebay website.  This service includes listing of the Property for auction and collecting payment on behalf of the seller, if the funds are not paid direct to the buyer


The Company will collect (where appropriate) and hold the Property and offer it for auction on ebay.
If Property is best stored at the sellers premises, in the case of larger items, the company will visit the property to take photographs, measurements and take note of condition of items for Auction.

The Company will prepare the auction for listing in accordance with the sellers instructions, with particular regard to timing, availability of items to collect by the buyer, and minimum start price.

At the end of the Auction the Company will collect the purchase money from the Buyer and pay the appropriate ebay and paypal fees. In the case of Buyers collecting and paying the Seller cash on collection, the Company will present an invoice for the relevant ebay fees along with the Company fees as agreed.

The Company will liase closely with the Seller and Buyer to co-ordinate pickup of each item.
Within 14 days of the auction ending and the buyer collecting the Property, the Company will forward the purchase money to the Seller less auctions costs and the Companies fees.

In the event of the property not being sold the Seller may enter into another agreement with the Company to list items for auction again. In the event of no sale, then no ebay fees or Company fees will be charged.

The Seller may then, at its own expense collect any items being held by the Company. If the property is not collected within 40 days the Company may dispose of it at its discretion.


The Company fees will be charged in accordance to the fee schedule


The seller confirms that items are not listed for sale anywhere else whilst we are selling.

In the event the seller asks us to cancel a listing before the listing is due to end, a cancellation fee of £30 per item will be charged to our time. Should an item have bids and the seller asks to cancel the listing, ebay will charge a fee of 10% of the current bid price.

The Seller confirms that:
All information provided to the Company regarding the Property is true and accurat.
They are the owner of the property, or are authorized to sell the property, and that they are able to transfer full ownership of this property to the buyer free from any other claim. The seller may be asked to produce evidence of ownership/authorization on request.

In addition to the above the Seller must comply with the rules of ebay.

The Seller will be flexible and available during reasonable hours, to facilitate the collection of property by the buyer.


The Company confirms that:
It will represent the sellers best interests in all negotiations with prospective buyers. Items will be researched before listing, photographed, measured and listing on ebay within the sellers time frame.

The Company will liase with the seller as each item is sold, then keep them informed and updated with the buyers details, method of payment, and expected pickup dates.

In the event of an item being dispatched rather than collected in person by the buyer, this will be at the buyers expense.

In the event of the buyer and seller having a dispute, the Company (including its officers, directors, agents and employees) will not be liable for any claims, demands or damages arising out of, or in any way connected with such a dispute.

Whilst the Company will do everything possible to secure the safety of the sellers property, the Company is not liable for any loss or damage, direct or consequential, that the seller may suffer as a result of this agreement.

Nothing in these terms in intended to limit or exclude any liability on the part of the company where applicable law prohibits such limitation, restriction or exclusion.

Risk and Property

The Company is acting solely as an agent for the seller. At no time during this agreement does the Company take ownership of the property.

Risk of damage or loss of the property shall pass from the seller to the buyer on delivery or pickup of the property.

The Company will hold any personal information we receive in accordance with the data protection act 1998.

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