We take the hassle out of selling online

What We Sell

What we can sell:
We  sell everything from high quality furniture and antiques through to consumer electronics, cameras, designer clothes, antiques, kitchen appliances, office furniture and sports items.

So whether you are a business or private seller, the principle is the same - we can sell your items for you.

All items are sold online, via ebay - the UK's largest market with over 17 million regular users, with over 300 million users across the world – so there is hardly a corner of the globe we haven’t sent items to!  As e-commerce continues to grow, ebay (and professional sellers)  grow and adapt so we can keep abreast of changes in the marketplace to ensure we sell your items for the maximum price.

What we can't sell:
We cant sell fakes, or copies of branded goods.
Specialist waste (aggregate, dangerous chemicals etc)
Ebay prohibited items including drugs, medicines, firearms and knives.

The introduction of VAT on renting  storage space in Oct 2012 at 20% means that storage prices are on the rise. Private customers have been hit harder as they can't reclaim the VAT

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I recently used Suzie Hall at Home to sell a selection of furniture. Items included an expensive French oak dining table, sideboard and chairs, two Laura Ashley wardrobes a Laura Ashley chair and some garden furniture. The furniture would not fit in my new property and I didn’t want to pay storages charges, so I decided my best option would be to try and sell it. Not having the time or the inclination to use Ebay I enlisted the services of Suzie Hall at Home. The whole process worked like a dream. Suzie Hall at Home visited my property, photographed and measured the pieces, then discussed when I would ideally like the furniture collected. Once the furniture was sold I received a detailed plan of who had purchased what and at what price, value of deposit paid and contact details. All I needed to do was organise a convenient time for buyers to collect their purchases. Suzie Hall at Home were amazing throughout the process and I was delighted with the prices that were achieved on my items, especially the garden furniture as I think it went for more than I’d paid for it!


Suzie Hall at Home provides a superb service!”

Mrs PC Wendover